mmWave Radar

High frequency radar sensors that send obstacle alerts and assist with manoeuvres.

MediaTek mmWave Advantage

MediaTek is at the forefront of developing highly integrated mmWave technologies that are optimized for size, performance, power efficiency and cost.

Its CMOS mmWave communication technologies offer a path to a lower power, smaller and fully-integrated solutions with greater coverage and more precise detection.

Ultra-Short Range mmWave Radar Solutions

MediaTek’s Ultra-Short Range Radar (USRR) solutions are designed primarily for parking assistance applications, with an ultra-wide field of view and offer far better resolution than ultrasonic solutions. Fewer USRR devices are required per vehicle versus ultrasonic, improving overall design aesthetics and lowering costs.

Short and Mid-Range mmWave Radar Solutions

MediaTek’s short- to mid-range mmWave Radar (SMRR) solutions can be used for more advanced, active safety systems thanks to breakthrough technologies such as Advanced Field of View Beamforming through innovative signal processing of multiple antennas. This allows potential hazards to be identified with greater clarity and consistency, greatly improving safety.

MediaTek SMRR mmWave solutions even support time-division multi-mode operations to cover both short- and-wide or long-and-narrow field-of-view applications with just a single radar module, saving cost and simplifying automotive design.

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